Smoked Pork Shoulder

Whole Pork shoulder/Butt/Picnic (The butt, or "Boston Butt, is the cut of meat from the upper front of the front shoulder. The Picnic is typically referred to as an uncooked ham. Either cut, or the whole shoulder can be smoked and used for pulled, sliced, and cut pork.)

Dry Rub

Red pepper powder
Brown sugar
Season salt


If the skin is still on the cut of meat you can either 
remove it, or cut and peel the skin away from the meat. 
Cut cross hatch in fat cap
Rub all sides with Dry Rub
If you peeled back the skin, pull it back over the cut
Wrap in foil for 12hrs


Apple juice
Apple cider vinegar


Use mix of hickory and fruit wood with charcoal starter
Heat to 225


Place meat on grill with the bulk of the skin side down (If left on, otherwise place it fat side up)
Cook for 1hr per pound of meat.
Spray with mop every hour after first two hours (This is a spin off of the traditional "mop" that is intended to keep the meat moist.) Just remember the longer the lid is open, the more heat escapes, increasing your cook time,
Wrap for last hour and mix in DP

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