Smoked Brisket

10 to 15lb Packers Brisket (This is the whole cut of meat including both the flat and point)

Red ground pepper or cayenne pepper to add some heat if desired
The measurements for any rub must be adjusted for the amount of meat being covered.

Trim fat cap down to 1/4 inch
Rub in dry rub on all of the meat

I prefer oak or almond wood with lump charcoal  starter and hickory chunks
Heat to 250 Degrees

Place meat on grill fat side up
Cook 1hr per pound at 250 Degrees or until internal temp hits 175-180 degrees
Wrap the brisket in foil until internal temp hits at least 190 degrees (some will take it to 200, I feel this dries out the flat) 

Let meat rest for approximately for an hour covered in pan before slicing. I use a pan to collect the juices while it is resting to add a smokey flavor to gravies and other dishes.

Showing off:
Just before wrapping, cut off the top of point, cut into cubes and place back on the smoker for burnt ends (toss in rub or sauce in a pan, then serve).

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