Smoked Bologna

Smoked Bologna.... Need I say more?  This amazing twist on an already mysteriously delicious tube of meat takes it to a whole other level.  Growing up, fried bologna was a breakfast staple that was easy and delicious.  Cut a couple of slits in the disk, toss it in a pan and fry to your liking.  Now as an adult I have graduated to a new level of preparation for this old time favorite.  SMOKING!!  Now I had never had this growing up in Virginia, but evidently it is very popular in the midwest and south, so when I had the opportunity to give it a shot several years ago I was instantly hooked.  

This is an exceptionally easy meat to smoke and will be an instant hit with everyone.  To the point that I had weekly requests for it and people buying me chubs of bologna to smoke for them.  Bologna is good as a filler on the smoker that only takes about 2 or 3 hrs depending on the amount of smoke you are looking to impart on the meat.  I usually shoot for a mahogany color on the meat.  
Now you won't get a ton of penetration because it is a dense cooked tube of meat so I cut the 5lb chub into 1lb blocks and cut slits in the sides and ends.  This will allow for smoke to get into the cuts, as well as your rub (if you use one).  

I typically go for a light rub using spicy mustard or sriracha as a binder.  This will create a little bit of a crust and add some flavor to the bologna.  At this point I throw it on the smoker at 225 degrees until I get the desired color I want, and then place it in the fridge to cool before slicing (but not before getting a few tasters for quality control :) ).   

Now the only way to eat this glorious smoked meat is to fry the smoked slices in a pan with some American cheese, then slid between two slices of white bread with some mustard.  ENJOY!

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