Monday, January 4, 2016

Pork, Beef, and Chicken Oh My!!!

As I planned out my New Years weekend smoke I couldn't decide what I wanted to cook, but I knew I wanted to cook enough to have meals for the week plus a little treat.  Smoked Bologna is my guilty sin that even in the midst of weight loss I had to have (Just means I gotta work out even harder this week). So I grabbed a pork tenderloin, tritip, chicken wings, poblano peppers, and of course BOLOGNA.

At 225 degrees all of the above items will take less than 3 hours to smoke, so I started in the early afternoon, so I could accomplish some yard work in the morning.  I used dry rub on all of the meat, adding some cayenne pepper to the chicken wings to kick them up a notch without sauce.  For the tritip and pork tenderloin I used a mix of salt, pepper, paprika, and garlic powder.  I used salt, pepper, garlic and cayenne on the wings, and salt, pepper, garlic and ancho chili (which is made of dried poblano peppers) on the chunks of bologna.

When I set up for this smoke I placed the two meats that needed the most exposure to heat (tritip and pork tenderloin) closest to the fire box, Followed by the wings, peppers, and lastly the bologna.  This will vary depending on your style of smoker. The bologna essentially just needs smoke, it is fully cooked, so pop it in for as long as you want, just don't burn it.  Pretty sure if you burn bologna you have to turn in your address is......

This is my third smoke on the new smoker, second since I sealed up some of the leaks, so maintaining my temp for a short smoke was easy, The challenge is getting used to a fire box that is the size of my last smoker's main chamber... Bigger smoker = more fuel so I have to adjust my reload times to ensure I keep enough fuel in the box to maintain temp and smoke.

I put everything on at 230 pm , and pulled the last hunk of meat off at 545 pm.

Meat                                Temp
Tritip                                 135
Pork Tenderloin                150
Chicken Wings                 165
Bologna and Peppers       Awesome    

The pork tenderloin was like eating amazing little bites of pork heaven!

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