Friday, June 20, 2014


Only 2 of us will ever know what it means to be a "son of Dawson". The determination and tenacity to complete a project in record time, or strive to succeed when others say you'll fail.  There is something about a person telling a citified hillbilly "you can't do that by yourself in one day", that drives us to not only do it, but in record time.  

So as I sit on my patio and relish in the fact that I not only laid 2000sqft of sod by myself, and I did it in half a day.  Now I have never laid sod before in my life, so I am assuming that is pretty damn good, and if it lives, then well, bonus for me! As we continue our quest to sell our home it seems I am working harder than ever before to do projects that I haven't done in the 2 years we have lived here.  Doesn't seem right, but the real estate agent assures me it is worthwhile.  Besides, how better to spend the deposit of the buyer that backed out on us the day before close.... THANKS!

I digress, today was a busy day, started off with a fresh layer of insulation in the attic, some new carpet in the former gym now den, and a butt ton of sod. I am not going to lie, when the truck showed up and the guy dropped 4 pallets of sod on the curb, I had a little bit of a panic attack.  It was 1030 and it was already pushing 80 outside so fighting the clock to get it laid (in record time) without it drying out I started at almost a running pace, that is until I realized that only the exposed layer was getting dry, so I decided to pace myself and drink plenty of water/Gatorade so I didn't fall over and pass out on my brand new sod.

Several hours later, which seemed like an eternity I came to the end of the yard and set what I intended to be my last row.  As I contemplated what to do with the 3/4 pallet of sod that was left, I decided what the heck, I'll rake up some of my wood chips and lay a few more rows... I did say,  I am a son of Dawson....

Once I was satisfied that I had gotten my money's worth, and my body said "you are done moron". I stopped, cleaned up and took a couple of pictures.  I then washed 2000sqft worth of dirt from my body and cracked a cold beer.  

As I sit and contemplate my plan of action for tomorrow, I've wanted to do nothing more than to be able to call up the old man and tell him what I did today. I know that even though I can't call him up and hear him tell me what he thinks of it, while scolding me for overdoing it (I am a son of Dawson...), that he would have loved it, and immediately told me how to cut my grass :).   Miss you dad, cheers!