Sunday, May 25, 2014

Memorial Day Smoke

The month of May has been a blur, starting with the listing of our house for sale, repeatedly being kicked out in hopes that the next walk through would be the one, and when it finally happened, we are now under the gun to pack and move before closing on the 5th of June.  All that said, I had to get in one last smoke before we move so we could have enough reserve on hand to enjoy for a while until I can find an acceptable alternative that will be allowed in an apartment.....

The beast isn't going far I am giving it to my brother in law to use at his house, so I am pretty sure it won't be a problem to go fire it up once in a while at his place.  For today's smoke I wanted to do a couple of favorites along with something new. As I pursued the meat case I saw a package labeled lamb breast, and was immediately interested.  It looked a lot like a mix between a rack of pork ribs, and pork belly, so I figured I would give it a go.

I also grabbed a 14.5lb brisket, 5lbs of bologna, and some brats.  I figure if I am going to fire it up, I might as well fill it up!  For the brisket I did a rub of salt, pepper, garlic, and paprika, I used the same combination on the lamb as well.  For the bologna and brats I rubbed them in salt, garlic, and cayenne pepper to give them an extra kick.

I put the brisket on first knowing that it would need a solid 13+ hours on the smoker.  At 9am I added the lamb over top of the brisket to allow the juices to seep onto the brisket.  After 3 hours I wrapped the lamb for 2 hours, and then a final 30 minutes unwrapped.  While the brisket and lamb were smoking I added the bologna and brats.  I left the bologna on for 2 hours to give it a nice mahogany finish and smoky flavor.  Pulled the brats after an hour, they were small to start, more like smoked Vienna sausages when they were done OOps..  Can't win them all!

The lamb, need I say more, was unbelievable. I can't remember ever having tasted any meat that was ever as good as this lamb.  Seriously amazing!  It is like the bacon version of lamb if that is even imaginable.

The bologna once sliced, and some frozen, will be used for amazing lunches over the next few weeks.  All in all this has been an amazing day of smoking.  The brisket is phenomenal as per usual, so once I can cool it down, slice it, and freeze it, we will be eating good for a while.