Sunday, April 20, 2014

Smoked Pork Ribs and Tritip

It has been a few weeks since I last smoked pork ribs, and even longer since my last tritip, so I decided it was time to smoke some up for the week.  I have smoked a lot of ribs, but I have to say, these were probably the best I have ever made.  

I usually use yellow mustard as a base before I put on my rub, but this time I used whole grain spicy mustard and a new mix of garlic powder I picked up a while back in Gilroy, CA.  Gilroy is the Garlic capital of the world, so when you are driving through, you gotta stop.

I used my usual method of 3/2/1 at 225. Three hours of smoke, two hours wrapped, (This time when I wrapped the ribs I added in some of my Virginia style vinegar based bbq sauce) and one hour on the grill. I also rubbed down the ribs with some sweet barbecue sauce before letting them cook for the last hour on the smoker.

The ribs came out with a beautiful mahogany bark and a nice smoke ring.  I had to use extreme self control not to eat all of the ribs last night...

As for the tritip, I can't even begin to describe how versatile and easy to cook this hunk of meat is, and how delicious it is when grilled or smoked.  I like smoking the tritip for sandwiches throughout the week.  Sliced thin and piled on a roll it is amazing.

When I smoke tritip I put it in for an hour per pound at 225 degrees.  I pull it at 185, but realistically this cut is so tender you can pull it sooner.

Overall, a fantastic day of smoked meat!