Monday, February 24, 2014

Nobody puts Baby backs in the corner!

I almost feel guilty as I sit out on the patio smoking a couple of racks of baby back ribs, and garlic sausage links while my uncle +Phil Crews is getting snow dumped on him relentlessly, I said almost.  Did I mention it was a mild 78 degrees here today and I enjoyed most of the day in shorts and flip flops? No, well I won't mention it then. As the sun sets in Southern California not only on the day, but on the weekend, I am patiently waiting on these succulent racks of ribs to finish their magical journey through the land of smoke and heat.

As each weekend passes I wonder why I continue to spend Friday yearning for the end of the day, Saturday doing everything the week didn't allow, and Sunday attempting to enjoy the weekend, but dreading the return to work on Monday.  I seriously need a third day off at least a couple of times a month.

Anyways back to the meat... For Christmas Mandy bought me a couple of bottles of Sweetwater Spice Company Apple Chipotle and Habanero BBQ Brines.  While I typically don't marinate meats, I like trying new things, and a "special Christmas Elf" recommended them, so I am sure they are good.  Last night I cleaned up the racks, removed the membrane, and mixed up the brine according to the directions on the bottle.  For the 5 lbs of ribs it was approximately 2 cups of brine and 2 cups of water, and I sealed the bag.  I let it set in the fridge overnight and poured out the brine this afternoon prior to putting the ribs on the smoker.

Prior to putting them on I used my standard rub of brown sugar, paprika, garlic, salt, and pepper to give them a good coating and hopefully a tasty bark.  After the crummy ribs I had last weekend at Lucille's I am ready for amazing SMOKED ribs.  45 minutes to go... Getting hungry, and impatient... But I will muscle through.. As an appetizer I smoked some garlic sausages that +Eric Straub brought over to me to try.  They made a nice mid smoke treat, and will be great for breakfast in the morning.

Once the ribs were finished, a late 5 1/2 hours later, I pulled them from the smoker, slapped on a little sauce, and cut them up for dinner.  While late night barbecue is great, I will not be doing that on a Sunday again..... As far as a noticeable difference in flavor due to the brine, I could not distinguish the flavor, I am assuming it would be different for grilled vs smoked meat.