Thursday, December 19, 2013

Cowboy Ribeyes

                  These are some serious steaks for two extremely hungry carnivores!

I am not sure what is going on with drivers in SOCAL but the idiot factor is definitely in effect on the freeways.  In the past week our average commute to and from work has been at least 2 hours each way.  Add the rain today and you would think someone covered the road in ice...

Nevertheless, we needed a little foodie comfort to take the edge off of what can only be described as a moronathon.  So as I perused the isles of the grocery store grabbing some quick items for dinner I saw some bone in ribeyes that I could not take my eye off of so I grabbed them for dinner.

When I got them home, I trimmed the meat and fat from the end of the bone to create a nice handle.  This style of ribeye is known as a cowboy steak since the bone handlebar makes it a nice meatsicle for a real man (or woman) to chow down on for dinner on the range, or in the comfort of home....  OK, got a little carried away there, but this is a pretty awesome cut of steak.

I preheated my cast iron skillet(rainy day alternative to the grill) with a little oil until it just started to smoke a little, and threw in the steaks.  I seared them on each side for 2 minutes and then placed the pan in the oven with 2 pats of butter and some parsley for 7 minutes at 425 degrees.  Once they were done I let them set for 10 minutes before serving them up for dinner.

Obviously there were leftovers that will be used for a tasty lunchtime treat tomorrow!  This steak was amazing and it went great with my Long Hammer IPA curing my commuter blues, at least until tomorrow...